Our Mission

Our mission at OilTrap is to design and manufacture complete water treatment solutions for industrial applications, with a passion for the pursuit and development of new technologies. We are forward-­thinking individuals who are dedicated to providing customers around the world with quality products that are affordable, innovative, and rooted in creativity and craftsmanship. As a team, together, we strive to provide our families, our customers, and our planet with cleaner water for a better future.

Our Vision

With a worldwide shortage of fresh water and a global population growing faster than ever before, the agricultural, industrial, and residential necessities for water are colliding, vying for the same declining supply. OilTrap is committed to exploring new methods, solutions, and technologies for the treatment, conservation, and protection of Earth’s most precious and valuable resource. Our company’s twenty­-two year history of leadership and experience in the research, development, and manufacturing of wastewater treatment systems is the foundation needed to extend our outreach across a variety of industries and effectively provide the world with solutions for clean water—forever.

Our Team

We proudly design, manufacture, and develop all of our systems and equipment in our 38,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility in Tumwater, Washington. Our full-time engineering team is highly specialized. Our research, development, testing, fabrication, assembly, field support, and service creates the OilTrap difference.

  • Water is the most important resource on Earth, and yet the methods for water treatment are limited. OilTrap’s mission is to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible… To discover and develop new solutions for recycling and reclaiming Earth’s water.”

    Dale Nelson CEO, OilTrap
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