Why ElectroPulse?

When measuring water treated with electrocoagulation against three other more traditional methods, we (and our customers) find the versatility, water quality, and efficiency of the ElectroPulse system highly surpasses any other method. ElectroPulse is the #1 water treatment technology.

Consider the following:

1) Mechanical Filtration addresses only two issues in wash rack wash water: suspended solids larger than 30 microns, and free oil & grease. Emulsified oil & grease cause damage to the media filters, resulting in very high maintenance costs. ElectroPulse addresses any size of suspended solids (including destructive >30 micron particles and heavy metals that can wear-and-tear pressure washers and pose an environmental and employee hazard)

2) Bioremediation addresses only oil & grease. This method does not address any size of suspended solids.

3) Chemical Treatment addresses suspended solids, oil & grease, and some heavy metals – but may require up to three polymer and multiple pH adjustments for proper treatment. This technology requires the addition of chemicals resulting in expensive, messy, and labor intensive treatment. This process also requires addition of compressed air for floatation of coagulated contaminants. Generally filtration is also required as a post-treatment phase for polishing. ElectroPulse requires no filters, no daily maintenance, no additives, and removes any size of suspended solids, oil, grease, heavy metals: all in a customizable and cost-efficient package.

ElectroPulse Benefits:

  • No daily maintenance
  • Capital cost significantly less than alternative technologies
  • Operating cost significantly less than alternative technologies
  • Low power requirements
  • Generally no chemical additions
  • Metal oxide formation passing TCLP
  • Low maintenance
  • Minimal operator attention
  • Handles a wide variation in the waste stream
  • Consistent and reliable results
  • Sludge minimization
  • Treats multiple contaminants
  • Reduction of Polymer consumption by up to 95%
  • Instantaneous Treatment
  • Small equipment space requirements
  • Disinfection/pathogen reduction capability

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